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Past Recipients of the Reds Wolman Student Research Award


  • Ph.D.: Evan Dethier, (Dartmouth College) Source, routing, and fate of suspended sediment in a flood-impacted watershed. Advisor: Frank Magilligan.

  • Ph.D.: Paepin Goff, (Texas State University) Rock Glaciers as Water Towers in the Wind River, Gros Ventre, and Grand Teton Ranges of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Advisor: Dave Butler.

  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Cesar Castillo, (Texas A & M University) Hydrologic Surface Connectivity and its Implications to a Coastal River-floodplain System. Advisor: Inci Güneralp.

  • Ph.D.: Xiaoyu Lu, (University of Tennessee) Connecting Spatio-temporal Domains of Water Erosion Regimes: A Geomorphic Perspective. Advisor: Yingkui Li.

  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Edward Park, (University of Texas - Austin) Roles of tributaries, floodplains, and anabranching channel patterns on suspended sediment transport in the Amazon River. Advisor: Edgardo Latrubesse.

  • Masters: Anna Parker Solverson, (University of Colorado - Denver) Geomorphological-ecological interactions in mountain streams following wildfire. Advisor: Anne Chin.


  • Ph.D.: Katherine B. Lininger, (Colorado State University) Floodplain - Instream Wood Interactions in the Central Yukon River Basin. Advisor: Ellen Wohl.

  • Masters: Allison Tarbox, (University of Alabama) Better Understanding Spatial Heterogeneity of Bedrock Channel Form in Mid-sized Rivers. Advisor: Lisa Davis.


  • Ph.D.: Matthew Goslin, (University of Oregon) Determining patterns of geomorphological change relative to spatial patterns of a river ecosystem engineer, Carex nudata. Advisors: Patricia McDowell and Andrew Marcus.

  • Masters: Helen W. Beeson, (University of Oregon) The Influence of Deep-seated Landslides on Valley Width and In-channel Geomorphic Features in the Oregon Coast Range, USA. Advisor: Mark Fonstad.


  • Ph.D.: Rebecca Manners, (Utah State University) Multi-Scalar Geomorphic and Vegetative Feedbacks in the Colorado River Basin. Advisor: Jack Schmidt

  • Masters: Mitchell Fyock, (University of Montana) Assessing the Use of Existing Geomorphological Mapping Systems for High Mountain Environments in the United States. Advisor: Ulrich Kamp.


  • Ph.D.: Katie H. Costigan, (Kansas State University) Critical Corridors in the Fluvial Ecosystem Landscape; Hydraulic, Geomorphologic and Thermal Habitat Dynamics at Confluences. Advisor: Melinda Daniels

  • Masters: Andrew DeWitt, (Missouri State University) Downstream changes in channel morphology and stream power in an Ozarks Watershed, Southwest Missouri. Advisor: Bob Pavlowsky


  • No awards granted.


  • Ph.D.: G. Burch Fisher, (University of California at Santa Barbara) Constraining the Timescales of Sediment Sequestration Associated with Large Woody Debris using Cosmogenic Beryllium-7. Advisor: Francis J. Magilligan.

  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Nira Salant, (University of British Columbia) 'Sticky Business': The Influence of Surface Periphyton on Particle Deposition and Streambed Hydraulics. Advisor: Marwan Hassan.

  • Masters: Gwenda J. Schlomer, (Missouri State University) Sedimentological and Geochemical Indicators of the Presettlement Boundary in Overbank Floodplain Deposits of the Little Buffalo-Dutch Buffalo River System, North Carolina. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: James D. Riley, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Flow dynamics and channel morphology at natural confluent-meander bends. Advisor: Bruce L. Rhoads.

  • Masters: Gwenda J. Schlomer, (Missouri State University) Geomorphic response of a North Carolina Piedmont watershed to Early American settlement as recorded in overbank floodplain deposits. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: İnci Güneralp, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Curvature - Migration Relations and the Planform Dynamics of Meandering Rivers Advisor: Bruce L. Rhoads.

  • Masters: Kimberly Meitzen, (University of South Carolina) Development, Disturbance, and Maintenance: Process Pattern Relationships in Riparian Environments, Congaree River, Congaree National Park, South Carolina Advisor: William L. Graf.


  • Ph.D.: Mark Lange, (University of Southern California) Spatial-temporal Patterns of Suspended Sediment Transport at a Tidal River Bifurcation Advisor: Bernard O. Bauer.

  • Masters: Rebecca Manners, (University of North Carolina) Determining the Function of the Not-So-Large Woody Debris: An Hydraulic Evaluation of the Maintenance of Large Woody Debris (LWD) Jams Advisor: Martin Doyle.


  • Ph.D.: Jennifer Horwath, (University of Washington) Carbon Storage and the Role of Cryoturbation in High Arctic Soils: Thule, Greenland Advisor: Ronald Sletten.

  • Masters: Katy Price, (University of Georgia) Human Impact on the Morphology and Water Quality of Streams in the Southern Blue Ridge Advisor: David Leigh.


  • Ph.D.: Joseph P. Hupy, (Michigan State University) Advisor: Randy Schaetzel.

  • Masters: Hannah J. Haynie, (Dartmouth College) Advisor: Frank Magilligan.


  • Ph.D.: Two awards given:

    • 1st Place: Wendy Bigler, (Arizona State University) Geomorphic Impacts of Gravel Mining in an Arid, Rapidly Urbanizing River System

    • 2nd Place: Lynn M. Resler, (Texas State University) Spatial and Temporal Considerations of Microtopographic - Vegetation Facilitation in the Northern Rocky Mountains

  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Martin W. Doyle, (Purdue University) Mechanisms, Rates, and Magnitudes of Stream Channel Adjustment Following Catastrophic Disturbance Advisor: Jon Harbor.

  • Masters: Jennifer Horwath, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) A Study of Gravelly Mima-Type Mounds in Prairies of Southwestern Missouri Advisor: Don Johnson.


  • Ph.D.: J. Michael Daniels, (University of Wisconsin) Holocene Alluvial Chronologies, Historical Gully Erosion, and Drainage Network Development in the Upper Republican River Basin

  • Masters: Linda Martin, (Missouri State University) Geomorphic Adjustments of Ozark Stream Channels to Urbanization Advisor: Bob Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Two awards given:

    • Andreas Baas, (University of Southern California) The Aeolian Bedform System: Toward the Application of Entropy Principles to the Interactions Between Aeolian Ripples, Wind Flow and Sediment Transport

    • Jeremy Venditti, (University of British Columbia) The Development of Three-dimensional Dune Topography in Alluvial Channels: An Exploratory Flume Study

  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Charles E. Allen, (University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign)

  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Andrew H. Investor, (University of Georgia) Inland Eolian Dunes in Georgia: Age, Morphology, and Paleoclimatic Implications

  • Masters: Brian P. Bender, (University of Western Washington) Holocene Geomorphic Evolution and Stratigraphy of Cape Shoalwater, Washington


  • Ph.D.: No award granted.
  • Masters: Three awards granted
    • Jill Oppenheim, (University of Georgia) Advisor: David Leigh.

    • Ian Walker, (University of Guelph) Advisor: Bill Nickling.

    • J. Wayne Boulton, (University of Guelph) Advisor: Bill Nickling.

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