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Past Recipients of the Graduate Student Paper Award


  • Ph.D.: Bryce Marston, (Kansas State University) Geomorphology and Large Wood Dynamics of Headwater Mountain Streams Infested by the Mountain Pine Beetle, Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. Advisor: Melinda Daniels.

  • Masters: Greta Wells, (University of Texas - Austin) Geomorphologic Evidence of a Holocene Jökulhlaup in the Jökulsá á Fjöllum Channel, Iceland. Advisor: Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach.


  • Ph.D.: Megan McCusker Hill, (University of Connecticut) Gullies as Markers of Holocene and Anthropocene Environmental Change in southern New England. Advisor: Melinda Daniels.

  • Ph.D.: Jessica Zinger, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Linking hydroacoustic measurements of flow structure to morphologic change at an actively evolving chute cutoff on the Wabash River, IL-IN. Advisor: Bruce Rhoads.

  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Kory Konsoer, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Influence of Bedrock Control, Bank Materials, Riparian Vegetation, and Planform Geometry on the Morphodynamics of a Large Meandering River. Advisor: Bruce Rhoads.

  • Masters: Ryan Vaughn, (University of Alabama) Hydro-Geomorphological Influences on Plant Patch Density and Distribution in Bedrock-Shoal Habitats of the Cahaba River, AL. Advisor: Lisa Davis.


  • Ph.D.: Christy Swann, (Texas A&M University) Wind-Blown Sand: Threshold of Motion. Advisor: Doug Sherman

  • Masters: Jay Guarneri, (University of Arkansas at Monticello) Comparing Methods for Delineating Headwater Streams. Advisor: Hal O'Liechty.


  • Ph.D.: John Gartner, (Dartmouth College) Dam Removal on the Ashuelot River, New Hampshire: A Natural Scale Experiment in Sandy and Coarse-grained Channels. Advisor: Frank Magilligan.

  • Masters: Andrew DeWitt, (Missouri State University) Channel Morphology Regime Equations for the James River, Southwest Missouri Ozarks. Advisor: Bob Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Subhajit Ghoshal, (University of South Carolina) Floodplain and Channel Change Analysis Using Dem Differencing: Lower Yuba River, California. Advisor: Allan James.

  • Masters: Ping Fu, (Purdue University) Reconstructing the Quaternary Glaciations of the Shaluli Shan, SE Tibetan Plateau. Advisor: Jon Harbor.


  • Ph.D.: No award given.

  • Masters: Patrick Dryer, (Missouri State University) Catastrophic valley entrenchment and debris fan formation in the Bluefields River, Westmoreland Jamaica. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.

  • Masters: Shelby Zelonis, (University of South Carolina) Geomorphic analysis of a rural fluvial system during preand post-dam removal conditions: A case study in eastern Virginia.


  • Ph.D.: Ryan Perroy, (University of California at Santa Barbara) Quantifying geomorphic processes in a disturbed landscape, southwestern Santa Cruz Island, CA. Advisor: Oliver Chadwick.

  • Masters: Ben Meade, (Kansas State University) Spatial Extent, Timing, and Causes of Channel Incision, Black Vermillion Watershed, Northeastern Kansas. Advisor: Richard Marston.


  • Ph.D.: Nira Salant, (University of British Columbia) 'Sticky Business': The Influence of Surface Periphyton on Particle Deposition and Streambed Hydraulics. Advisor: Marwan Hassan.

  • Masters: Gwenda Schlomer, (Missouri State University) Sedimentological and Geochemical Indicators of the Presettlement Boundary in Overbank Floodplain Deposits of the Little Buffalo-Dutch Buffalo River System, North Carolina. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Mark Lange, (University of Southern California) Patterns of flow at a tidal river divergence, Sacramento River, California. Advisor: Bernard Bauer.

  • Masters: Brooke R. Saari, (University of West Florida) Post-hurricane interactions between vegetation dynamics, dune recovery, and physical gradients on barrier islands. Advisor: Chris Houser.


  • Ph.D.: Jennifer Horwath, (University of Washington) Associations of Soil Organic Carbon with Non-sorted Striped Patterned Ground in Northwest Greenland. Advisor: Ronald S. Sletten.

  • Masters: Jonathan Dinkin, (Towson University) The Effects of Imperviousness on the Channel Morphology of Perennial Streams in the Piedmont Region of Central Maryland. Advisor: Martin Roberge.


  • Ph.D.: Jordan Clayton, (University of Colorado) The Influence of Surface Sorting on Particle Mobility in Gravel-Bed River Meanders. Advisor: John Pitlick.

  • Masters: Maya Hirsch, (Missouri State University) Sources and Transport of Sediment-Bound Phosphorous in Agricultural Streams, Des Moines Lobe, Iowa. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Linda Martin, (University of Kentucky), Erosional Responses to Land Use influences in a Sensitive Fluviokarst Environment. Advisor: Jonathan Phillips.


  • Ph.D.: Bruce MacVicar, (Universite de Montreal).

  • Masters: Susan Licher, (Missouri State University) History of Sedimentation and Contamination in Valley Mill Reservoir, Springfield, Missouri. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Martin W. Doyle (E.H. Stanley and J. M. Harbor co-authors), (Purdue University) Predicting Nutrient Retention and Processing Following Dam Removal by Coupling Geomorphic and Biogeochemical Models. Advisor: Jon Harbor.


  • Ph.D.: Mark A. Fonstad, (Arizona State University) The Instability of Classic Flood Assumptions: The Case of the 1999 Canadian River Headwaters Flood. Adviser: Will Graf.


  • Ph.D.: Chris Houser, (University of Toronto) The Emission of PM10 From a Clay-Crusted Surface, and the Use of Shear Velocity Emission Models.


  • Ph.D.: David Howes, (University at Buffalo) One-and Two-Dimensional Modeling of Surface Runoff in a Desert Shrubland Ecosystem. Advisor: Athol Abrahams.


  • None Recorded.


  • Masters: J. Michael Daniels, (Louisiana State University) (co-authored with Richard Kesel), Channel Disturbance Migration Through a Drainage Network, Homochitto River Basin, Mississippi. Advisor: Richard Kesel.


  • Ph.D.: Gang Li, (University at Buffalo) Effect of rainfall on the sediment transport capacityof overland flow. Advisor: Athol Abrahams.


  • Ph.D.: Jianchun Yi, (University of Southern California) From "the Law of the Wall" to "Velocity Defect Law" - A Boundary Layer Flow Perspective in Aeolian Process Over Sandy Beach. Advisor: Bernie Bauer.


  • No award given.


  • Masters: Stephen Kenworthy, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Advisor: Bruce Rhoads.

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